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Pregnancy Weekly


Week 40

At 40 weeks you are about to reach the end of your pregnancy journey. The baby is ready to reach to the world anytime soon. At forty weeks you are done with offering nourishment and holding your baby for the nine months.

The size of the baby 
The size of the baby resembles a pumpkin at this stage.

Weight/height of the baby
The length of the baby ranges from 20.5 inches i.e. around half meters. The weight of the baby is around 7.6-8.2 pounds or 3.2-3.6 kgs.

About your baby
The baby has developed well enough to survive the outer environment. There are many things which are still going on during this period. All the bones of the baby calcify at this stage except the bones of the skull. The bones remain flexible at this stage in order to move through the birth canal at the time of birth. The skull of the newborn remains slightly pointed because of this reason during the 40th week. The brain is rapidly growing at this stage but at a faster pace in order to withstand life outside the uterus. The baby is able to flex all four limbs at this stage.

About your body
The body remains the same as the 39th week but you might experience some new symptoms due to the nearby delivery date. The uterus has occupied most of the space leading to maximum distension of belly. The stretch marks are present around the uterus. Some women also experience the polymorphic eruption of pregnancy which are the rashes that develop on the stomach of pregnant ladies during the last trimester.

The symptoms that you’ll experience during the last stage of pregnancy include Braxton hick’s contractions which are false contractions before labor, effacement or cervical dilation in order to begin with the labor contractions. The baby’s activity will change during this stage as the baby will get excited to come out of the mother’s body. You’ll also experience pelvic pain and discomfort, diarrhea, and others.

Do & Don’ts 
• Have your last prenatal visit to the hospital.
• Have your last screening test and ultrasound done.
• Go through your complete postnatal supplies.
• Wrap up all your work in order to take rest after the delivery
• Perform some light exercises in order to prepare for the big day
• Plan healthy meals for yourself after you are done with delivery
• Discuss your plan for the big day with your partner
• Keep your bag ready for visiting the hospital
• Keep a list of contacts whom you can alert at the time of delivery

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