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Pregnancy Weekly


Week 7

With the start of 7 weeks, you’ll definitely feel that you are pregnant. The baby has increased in size and continues to rapidly grow within your body. More commonly you’ll experience the signs of pregnancy at week seven. This is the time where you start facing challenges and experience anxiety.

The size of the baby 
The size of the baby at seven weeks resembles a blueberry.

Weight/height of the baby
The height of the fetus is around 0.4 inches or 1 cm i.e. the crown-rump length. The weight of the baby at this stage is around 0.02-0.03 oz.

About your baby
The baby is rapidly growing with the brain undergoing proper differentiation and growth. The head grows rapidly when compared to the remaining body. The embryo possesses a larger forehead at this stage. The fetal ears and eyes are also undergoing the development stage. The inner ear is about to complete at this stage which offers balance and hearing. The outer ear is not yet visible for a few weeks. The arms and legs have not yet formed but the limb buds start to develop cartilage which eventually results in the formation of legs and arms. Other than that all the remaining essential systems are in the process of development like lungs, fetal heart, git system, and others.

About your body
You might still not have symptoms which people usually experience during pregnancy. The belly is not yet prominent enough. You can expect some symptoms to appear during this stage. The uterus doubles up in size but the pregnant belly still remains the same. The umbilical cord has properly developed between the baby and the mother which transports essential nutrients and oxygen towards the embryo and excretes the waste products. You will probably suffer from fatigue, nausea, heartburn, indigestion, morning sickness or other symptoms. You will feel increased tiredness and fatigue with sore breasts, frequent urination, swollen or bleeding gums, and others.

Do & Don’ts 
Pregnancy is a challenging phase, you should maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle in order to stay active and fit. The diet should comprise of essential food items like fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and others. Consume enough amounts of water to stay hydrated at all times.

Visit the dentist to maintain the oral health care as you might experience some oral symptoms which are discomforting during pregnancy. Morning sickness can also affect your appetite but be cautious to take small and frequent meals regularly. You might feel fatigued and nauseated most of the times so have support as a backup plan. Take small naps to avoid being fatigue and sleep well at night.

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