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What To Expect With A Water Birth

Have you ever imagined delivering a baby in a tub full of warm water but you are unsure of what to expect? A water birth could provide a gentler welcome to your baby- But checking all water birth possibilities helps you to determine whether it’s a better option.
Besides most mothers who have gone through a bathtub delivery highlight the experience as more “positive”- But it’s still important to be on the know on what you may go through.

Here are some of the things you should expect to find in a water birth:

• You’ll more feel relaxed in a tub

According to Carly Beaulieu, a practice lead for Lucina midwives, most mothers prefer tub birth because of its relaxation benefits. The warm water in the tub provides warmth and relief that is ideal for reducing labor pains. You will also enjoy the buoyancy and flexibility of moving around in the water. Tub birth also lowers your blood pressure, which enables you to relax easily. Being in a relaxed environment enables oxytocin to flow easily in your blood, which is ideal for bringing contractions. Having a water birth is less stressful for the baby too as he will cry less in a warm tub.

• Tub birth is for low-risk pregnancies only
Tub birth is not ideal for mothers with high-risk pregnancies. If your pregnancy is at risk of complications such as vaginal bleeding or breech births then tub birth is a less good option. You can’t deliver in the water if your pregnancy has challenges- Always talk to your midwife if you are delivering twins or more as the tub birth is not suitable for many births.

• You’ll require careful observation
Your doctor may allow you to labor in the tub but not deliver the baby in it. However, if you want to have a water birth then you will need a midwife. A midwife is hard to come by- And you should seek one at the earliest stages of your pregnancy. Having a midwife makes water birth easier- it will also enable you to deliver at your home, hospital or birthing center.

• The water is your only pain relief
Having birth in the tub means having no other pain relievers like an epidural. In the case, your only pain reliever is the warm water in the tub.

• It’s not a guarantee to deliver the placenta in water
Some women might stay long enough in the water to deliver the placenta while others may feel uncomfortable as the water becomes cold and dirty. Depending on your choice, placenta delivery out of the water is also fine.

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