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When Should My Child Go Dental Check?

Parents are often unsure about when should a dental checkup be scheduled for their child. As it is said prevention is better than cure, so it is recommended to visit the dentist right after the eruption of the tooth. You should not be later than the age of one or two. The first introduction to dental health care is not a big deal. Through this introduction, the child learns to be comfortable regarding the various tools. For the dentist, it is important to take a quick peek of the child’s tooth development. It is recommended to visit the dentist in the span of every six months. From the age of four to six, the occurrence of cavities takes place.

Why dental check is important?
Dental checks are extremely important for the child because it prevents the occurrence of tooth decay. Small issues such as cavities can be treated before they become larger. You should be able to maintain your children’s dental hygiene. The prevention and precautionary measures such as dental sealants and fluoride application can help in the maintenance of dental health. Most importantly, prevention can help in the proper formation of the permanent teeth in the age of six to twelve years.

What treatments are considered?
From the age of six to twelve, the permanent teeth formation occurs. From the age of seven to nine, the usage of plastic resin or sealant may be recommended by the dentist for your child. Even the cavity prone molars can be protected by use of plastic resin or sealant at this age. The resin is basically used to prevent the formation of bacteria in the valleys of teeth and grooves. Other than that, orthodontic evaluation should also be considered. This orthodontic evaluation helps in the modification of the jaws and skeletal structure just like with the use of braces for the teeth of early teens. Lastly, the basic health care routine which includes brushing the teeth twice in a day, regular dental checkup and flossing daily are recommended to attain a positive outcome on your child’s teeth formation.

Dental checks
The dental checks provided for the children include dentist oral health therapy, dental therapy, and dental hygiene. Other than that, the oral health professional will assist you in maintaining your child’s oral health.

Tips to be considered
• Visit the dentist with your child.
• Ensure that your child has a positive experience with the dentist. Highlight the important and interesting facts regarding dental clinics.
• Make appointments so your child doesn’t get tired while waiting.
• Pay full attention to oral hygiene and teach practices that will promote oral health.

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