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When To Stop Baby Swaddling?

Are you wondering when should you stop swaddling your child and why? This article can provide you with the top 6 reasons for why you should definitely stop swaddling your child after he reaches 3 or 4 months.

Why do babies need to be swaddled?
Swaddling is the necessary art of wrapping your baby up in a nice little cozy bundle of cloth or blanket in a mock imitation of a mothers’ womb so that the baby feels safe at all times. The swaddled baby is also protected from the cool air or any germs that may harm the baby and if God forbid the baby falls from hand, they would have a cushion surrounding them which would protect them.

When is the point where a baby should stop being swaddled and why should that be done? Isn’t the baby safer swaddled up nice and cozy? No, they are not. The baby needs to grow and breathe themselves up into an infant, toddler, adolescent and so on. Swaddling the baby although helps the child during the newborn stage will prevent the child from growing when he reaches infancy. And that is something no parent would want.

When is the right time to stop swaddling the baby?
Many new parents want to know when should they stop swaddling the baby? What is the right time? What if we stop too early? Too late? A new parent needs help answering these questions and this article will provide that help.

Tips and signs to know when to stop swaddling your baby?
1. When your baby reaches 3 to 4 months of age, that is the opportune time to stop swaddling him.
2. Make sure that the baby has grown out of the Moro reflex before stopping the swaddling so that the child does not startle himself awake at night.
3. You will know that it is time to stop swaddling indefinitely when your baby has learned to turn over onto his stomach.
4. A telling sign for when the baby is ready for no more swaddling is when he takes his hands out of the bundle and tries to kick the cloths away.
5. The baby has started to become frustrated with swaddling and cries every time you start swaddling him.
6. Trust your instinct. If you as a new parent feel that it is time to stop swaddling, then trust that feeling, as often times parents know best about what their child needs.

Swaddling a child is a necessity but knowing when to stop swaddling the child is an even bigger necessity.

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