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Why Is Tummy Exercise Important?

Tummy exercise, often referred to as tummy time is essential for babies, although most babies hate it. If your baby isn’t a fan of tummy exercise, it could be so frustrating that you might consider skipping the whole deal. Well, the good news is that there are many different tummy exercises for babies, including rock and roll, taking a stroll, using props as well as going chest to chest. That being said, it’s advisable to start tummy exercises slowly, before progressing as soon as your baby gets comfortable with it. It should be noted that tummy exercises are recommended when your baby is two months to six months old, when they can roll over both ways.

One of the major importance of tummy time is the fact that it helps newborns to start exploring the world on their own. According to guidelines established by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in 1994, it is safest for babies to always sleep on their backs. This assertion, therefore, implies that babies spend an estimated 15 hours per day facing the ceilings. Besides, the increasing use of infant seats, swings as well as carriers also indicate that babies have fewer tummy times. Therefore, the consequence of limited tummy time lies in the fact that most babies today have few chances to practice using their arms, back, neck, and head to lift themselves up.

More so, a tummy exercise is quite essential for your baby’s development. Of course, babies need to grow, learn as well as develop their skeletal, muscular and nervous systems. However, according to many physiotherapists, tummy time is that initial building block upon which babies build their motor skills. The truth is that leaving your baby on her belly for a few minutes while she’s awake helps her to work all the muscles in her upper body, thereby promoting trunk stability and head control. According to experts, tummy time does not only help your infants build strength in his back, legs, arms, and neck, but it equally helps with further developments, including rolling over and sitting.

Tummy exercises or regularly spending time on the tummy also helps your baby to avoid developing a flat spot on the back of his head, which could go a long way to also distort facial features. Above all, tummy time is also highly recommended for babies with a condition known as torticollis, which causes the head to tilt unnaturally, as a result of a stiff and tight neck muscle.

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