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Growth (3-6 yr)


Your Child At 3 Years 1 Month

It is essential to be aware of your child’s growth and development, especially during the first years. It is during this time your baby experiences vital growth physically, emotionally and mentally. Here’s what to know about the development of your 3 years, 1 month old baby:

Social and emotional skills
Your baby starts developing emotions. This means they can feel things like happiness, shame, anger, sadness, and more. Also, they will be able to express what they think. A 3-year-old will also recognize the different emotions towards other people. They understand when you are sad and will laugh because you laughed.
At this age, the child will start looking up to what others do, especially the people around him. He will start connecting with other people, play with other kids and start running simple errands. They will begin to develop a lot of tantrums too and do what you asked them not to.

Communication skills
A child starts talking more at 3. They understand the language you speak to them and can also communicate with you. Usually, at 3, a child should have about 200-250 words in their vocabulary. They will be able to answer simple questions like “what is your name?” And speak simple sentences like “I’m fine”!

Mental Skills
At 3, your child will be inquisitive. He wants to understand things because he becomes more aware of the environment. He will question everything he doesn’t understand, why the sky is blue? Why your stomach is rounder? Besides being inquisitive, they become curious and more playful. They’ll jump, try to bath themselves or wear the shirt themselves. Also, kids are prone to accidents at this age. So it’s essential to watch over your child while playing.

Physical Skills
Your baby develops physically. They are agile and stronger than before. They are quicker in motion and interested in many activities. These are a few physical skills a 3-year-old will develop. Your baby will start:
● playing more
● eating by himself without help
● holding the pen and pencil and want to write or draw
● running around the house
● jumping on the Sofa. They want to climb on everything – the chairs, the tables
● having more interest in games
● kicking a ball and pedal a bicycle

Why is it necessary to track a child’s development?
Sometimes due to certain conditions, your child may experience developmental disorder or delay. He may not understand simple commands, show disinterest about the people and activities around him. So tracking his growth will help you notice any delay and help you seek consult with a doctor in time.

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