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Growth (3-6 yr)


Your Child At 3 Years 4 Months

As your baby grows older, it is necessary to check out the minor developmental changes and progress in his/her actions and behaviour. There are certain life stages which have been mentioned by different scientists like “Erikson 8 stages “and “Freud’s theory of personality development”. It can help you in protecting your child from any systemic underlying disorder, from delayed functioning of organs and from walking and speaking problems.

Weight and height
In every phase of growth, your toddler should have an ideal weight and height. According to the health calculator, if your toddler is a female child then by this age:
• Weight: 31.5 lb (14.2 kg)
• Height: 37.0” (94cm)
Whereas, if your toddler is male, then:
• Weight: 31.0 lb (14.0 kg)
• Height: 37.5” (92 cm)

Baby’s milestone
During this stage, there are milestones ranging from babies language skills to cognitive development and much more. It is a “pre-school” stage where toddler learns some basic skills. Here, you should look at the following things:
• Language skills
Toddlers begin to talk frequently during this stage. If he is not talkative then you must talk with him again and again to provoke his speaking. Ask basic simple questions like “What is your name?”, “Where is your nose”? 20 to 25 times daily. Speak basic sentences again and again and ask him to complete them. In this stage, reciting poems can be an interesting task.

• Cognitive skills
Your toddler will begin to ask questions frequently. It is because of their “ability to think” is developing. For example, “Why is the sky blue?” He will be able to recognize the things and will remember them for a long period of time.

• Movement milestones
Your child will begin to walk. Never force him to sit at one particular place. Help him in climbing upstairs, riding tricycles, bending forward and backwards etc.

Toddler’s health and nutrition
Make sure to feed your baby healthy food. Do not overfeed him/her. Do not impose to eat specific dishes on a regular basis. A wide variety of healthy food will attract your baby.
• Regular intake of milk is necessary
• Fruits and vegetables should be high in preference
• Always give them well-cooked meat with mild spices
• Custard, milk, and shakes are more often preferred by babies

Tips for disciplining toddler
There are certain dos and don’ts which should be followed:
• Prioritize the activities. Do not say “No” to your baby on everything. It can make your baby stubborn and moody.
• Know what the triggers of your child are. You can prevent him from misbehaving by teaching basic skills.
• Listen to your child. This will help in building his confidence and skills. Do not push him away as it can lead to mistrust.
• Make sure about your statements. Do not be harsh to your kid as it can lead to the development of fear.
• Play different indoor games which can keep your child busy.

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