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Growth (3-6 yr)


Your Child At 3 Years 5 Months

Finally, you have passed the initial period of almost three and a half years with your little one. Now, the pre-schooling phase is on its peak. Your child is finally understanding you. In this period of age, your child is improving his/her communication skills, interactions, imagination, and ability to learn new things. From the “Terrible twos” to the “magic years” of 3 and 4, here are some of the developmental milestones your child is likely to achieve.

Weight and height
In order to evaluate the progress and development of your child, it is important to check the weight and height. Consider the growth chart provided by child care providers and expert pediatricians.
• If your child is a baby girl, the height ranges from 36 inches and weight ranges from 34 pounds approximately.
• If your child is a baby boy, then the average height is 37 inches along with 35 pounds in weight approximately.

Baby’s milestone
Here are some of the milestones that will help you in evaluating the development of your little one.

Language milestone 
In case your child is not really talkative, here are some of the milestones that should be checked at this age
• Say his/her name and age properly
• Remember and speak almost 500 words
• Answer simple questions
• Tell stories while speaking clearly
• Speak proper sentences comprising of five to six words
• Understand the basic concepts such as same and different

Cognitive milestone
Your child is asking a number of questions. Don’t get annoyed as it shows his/her cognitive progress. Here are some of the cognitive milestones that should be achieved by the age of 3.5 years.
• Naming the shade of familiar colors
• Understanding the objects, shapes, and concepts like similar and different
• Remember the parts of stories
• Understand the time duration
• Count and understand the concept of counting
• Complete puzzles along with recognizing common pictures and commands

Movement milestone
In this pre-schooling phase, here are some of the movement milestone that should be observed in your little one:
• Walk using alternate feet
• Kick, catch, and throw a ball
• Climb properly
• Help in putting on and removing pants
• Walk forward and backward properly

Health and nutrition
Proper maintenance of health and nutrition is extremely beneficial for your child. Your toddler should have a variety of healthy options such as vegetable, fruits, protein, whole grains, and meat. Avoid feeding junk and processed foods. Make sure you serve your child in portions after a particular time interval.

Tips and suggestion
Don’t force your child to do any activity. Motivate him/her to indulge in healthy activities that help the physical and mental progress. Make sure your child learns new things. Make sure to provide positive exposure to enhance the creativity of your child.

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