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Growth (3-6 yr)


Your Child At 4 Years 1 Month

During the first four years of life, the basic development of your child’s brain and internal organs have been completed. After four years, the time starts when your baby begins to learn between the good and bad. This is the time from where your kid will begin to interact with the outsiders. After four years, you should have a special look at the following things of your kid.

Weight and height
The weight and height range differs between males and females. If your toddler is a female,
• Weight: 34.0 lb (15.4 kg) approximately
• Height: 39.5” (100.2 cm) approximately

If your toddler is male,
• Weight: 36.0 lb (16.3 kg) approximately
• Height: 40.3” (102.3 cm) approximately
If the height and weight of your kid fall below these measurements, then you should check out the underlying problem.

Child’s milestones
At this age, your kid will begin to have a complex personality. The curiosity and interest of your kid in different acts will increase. Your kid will start feeling “independent”. At this time, you will see the following changes in your kid.

• Language milestone:
Toddler will begin to talk more and more. He/she will be telling you random stories and will start speaking complex sentences and will begin to use the grammar correctly. Moreover, the difference between “right” and “wrong”, “same” and “different” will start becoming evident to your kid.

• Cognitive milestone:
At this age, your toddler will begin to show some creative thoughts. He/she will start making fantasies in his/her mind. The basic learning of “color shades”, “counting”, “three-part commands” and “behavioral manners” can be done efficiently at this age.

Behavioral and interactive milestones
Table manners, dressing and undressing, and communication skills are best developed at this age. Keep in mind that whatever you will feed into the mind of your kid at this age, will leave a permanent impact on his/her personality.

Health and nutrition
Proper diet and nutrition at this age are very important for the active performance of your kid. Any nutritional deficiencies in this age can result in physical problems at later ages of life. Following health chart should be considered:
• Dairy products like milk and cheese: One cup on a regular basis
• Protein diet like meat and beans: One and a half cup on a daily basis
• Fruits: One cup per day
• Fats and oils: 1/4th cup per day
• Sugar intake: 6 tablespoons per day

Checklist and suggestions
While making an effort for your toddler to be a better person, make sure you follow the following tips:
• Don’t expect your toddlers to clean their plates by themselves at this age
• Give company to your kid and enjoy the mistakes they do instead of criticizing them
• Don’t compare your kid with other kids
• Always motivate your child to be a better person
• Teach basic table and gathering manners to your kid

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