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Your Child At 4 Years 10 Months

4 years and 10 months is an age for your child when he is learning many new things and has mastered the skill to make you fall in love with him. This is the age when he might show a little attitude and might annoy you by wanting unnecessary things. Some of the bad traits might include misbehaving, lying and many more. You don’t have to worry, this is the age when kids learn new things and it is difficult to supervise them 100% of the time. What you can do is to tell them what is good and what is not. Talk to them nicely and avoid scolding them.

Weight and height of your toddler
The height of your toddler will be 99 cm – 116 cm and the weight will be 14 kg – 24 kg.

Milestones of your toddler
At 4 years and 10 months, your kid has grown and has developed a lot of things. He might have outgrown the clothes he had. He can now run without tripping. His eating habits got better over time. Now you don’t have to feed him semi-solid or liquid food. He can eat full meals the way you do. He will also have a full set of teeth.

These are the milestones which he must have sparred with excellence. Other milestones include:
• The academic knowledge of your kid will get better. You will see him do better every academic year.
• The motor skill will also be a lot better. He will be able to talk and speak full sentences without fumbling or stopping.
• He will also be potty trained by now.
• You will notice him lifting things and putting efforts to help you.
• You might also notice him asking and questioning you about every minor thing and confusion he has. At that moment, do not scold him to stay quiet, talk to him, answer him and clear his confusion. This will boost his confidence.

Food and nutrition
The body of a 4 year 10-month-old child requires complete nutrition. He needs fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, iron and much more, just the way a normal body needs. He might ask for junk food, but try not to give him junk food. Focus more on veggies, fruits and meat. This will give him energy and will work well for his body. Junk food has a lot of fat and sodium which is not good for the body. Make it an occasional thing.  Make sure your kid is having enough intake of water as it is important for him. All the kids at this age are physically very active, make sure they stay hydrated.

Parental tips
• Try to read them stories to help them increase their vocabulary. Also, make them read to help them with speaking and reading.
• Cherish every small and big achievements of your child. Make them feel accomplished. It will boost their confidence.

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