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Your Child At 4 Years 11 Months

School-aged children are active and ready to engage in so many activities. While your toddler is near his 5th birthday, there are some common milestones that he will be able to achieve. Here are important milestones of 4 years and 11 months old child.

Weight and height
Weight and height are important milestones in terms of physical development. A toddler boy of 4 years and 11 months would weigh around 37.5 to 44.8 pounds and the girl would weigh around 37.8 to 45.3 pounds. As for the height of the boy, it would be around 41.7 to 44.9 inches and as for the girl, it would be around 41.8 to 44.0 inches.

About your baby’s milestones
Your child will be participating in more complex games now. Something to challenge himself. Child’s game would be filled with fantasy and drama at this age. Most of these games are team sports and they have one goal. The children of 4 years and 11 months old would want to be a part of a team rather than play on their own.
They will start to express their feelings. Simple emotions are communicated from a very early age but frustrations, jealousy, and anger are some new emotions they would have some struggle to understand at this age.
Children become so much curious at this age. They will ask many questions and be open for answers. As for their cognitive development, they focus on different sounds, listen and read carefully and notice things around them. Your child will speak full sentences and in clear words.

About your child’s health & nutrition
A 4 years and 11 months old child would likely eat everything that adult eats. Just make sure to add all the essential nutrients in their food.

Checklist for toddler
• A 4 years and 11 months old child would become an independent and would love to take small decisions like what dress should she wear, what would she like to eat for lunch and many things like that. Parents should let them decide to boost their confidence.
• They will be curious about so many things, so it is the best time to teach them a few basic social manners. You can also ask them to remember their home, phone number, and things like that.
• At this age, kids start to get good with their writing and drawing skills. Make sure you give them time and see what they like to draw as this show their hidden talents.
• Encourage your children to play outside your home as this would be an opportunity for them to enjoy and learn many new skills. But make sure to supervise them.

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