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Your Child At 4 Years 2 Months

It is very important that parents learn what is expected of their children, especially when they are in their preschool years. A toddler at the age of 4 years and 2 months must be very active in all the physical activities but there are things like tantrums, thumb sucking, and emotional stress which truly give nightmares to parents. To know what is expected of your child, the experts have created milestones by which we can understand how children of age 4 years and 2 months are acting. Some of these milestones are as follows:

Weight and height
The kids of 4 years and 2 months typically gain about 4-5 pounds and grow about 2-3 inches as well around his or her 4th birthday. An average 4-year-2-month-old boy weighs about 33.5 to 40 pounds and the girl is about 32.5 to 38.8 pounds. A young toddler of age 4-year-2-month-old would have about 40 to 41.5 inches tall height.

About your baby’s milestones
• Language
At the age of 4 years and 2 months, your baby will be speaking words in a formed way along with the verbal expressions. Now your baby can understand verbal, nonverbal, and written information. Some kids find it hard to pronounce a few words.
• Cognitive development
At this age, your baby becomes physically strong and cognitively smart. Now your baby will know about the colors, counting, alphabetical letters, and so many other things including parents and friends.
• Activities
A kid is able to do a few activities like climbing stairs, managing toys, dressing up and many other small chores at home or at the classroom.

About your child’s health & nutrition
A child who is bigger than 4 years must be eating what the rest of the family is eating but it should be healthy and nutritious. Just have a range of meals to choose from. Keep the routine for every meal or snack time.

Tips on the activities
• Keep a stock of different meals and snacks at home so that whenever he/she need it, give it to them to control the tantrums or mood swings
• Avoid TV, computer, and mobile. Spend time with your baby actively and do some actual bonding and learning. Teach them a few things like reading, writing, coloring, dressing up, making something with blocks, and many more things like that
• Get him or her at least 13 to 14 hours sleep because at this age children need more rest to grow
• Let them play with other children to grow their social behavior
• Let your child know about the security concerns and make him or her open to you about everything

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