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Your Child At 4 Years 4 Months

Some children reach their developmental milestones at a very early stage while some kids take a little while to get there. Eventually, your toddler at the age of 4 years and 4 months will be smart enough to know a lot of cognitive learning and other physical skills. Here we have some of the important milestones that your child must achieve at the age of 4 years and 4 months. In case, your child isn’t achieving these milestones, you must see a doctor.

Weight and height
Your 4 years old child is expected to reach 40 pounds in weight and 40 inches tall. So, if you add 4 more months, then it would probably be around 40 to 43 pounds and 40 to 40.2 inches in weight and height. Boys are usually known to have more weight than girls.

About your child’s milestone
At this age, most children are going to school, spending time playing and doing activities, so they need proper sleep that will help them grow. Make sure your child sleeps about 13 to 14 hours per day. At this age, your child must be toilet trained. Children of this age can wash their hands, face, and even brush their teeth with some help. They started to get things done by themselves like coloring, dressing up, although they do need some assistance. They can easily do some rough drawing with crayons. Your child will be very curious about the gender, they may be looking to become mom, dad, teacher or a doctor during playing. They will be developing emotional development as well. They know if someone is angry, happy, or sad. At this age, children become moody too.

About your child’s health & nutrition
Your child will be learning quite a few things over the course of this preschool age, so they might need a little more diet than the usual. Their bodies require nutrition through proper meals. Make sure you give them dairy, vegetables, fruits, snacks, meat, and probiotics to maintain their health.

Some tips for toddlers
• If your child seems irritated or moody, check his or her sleeping schedule. If they are not getting enough sleep, then this could affect their health.
• Children are curious about their gender, so it is the right time to teach him or her about some preventive measures if anyone else approaches them.
• Now the child will be old enough to understand language, so teach them the right words that can help them interact, especially in school.
• Let them be involved in certain small tasks like cooking, cleaning, or helping in the garden. This way they feel like they are part of something.

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