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Growth (3-6 yr)


Your Child At 4 Years 5 Months

After 4 years and 5 months old, your child is now all grown up! Your toddler will begin to go to primary school and start learning and writing. You have passed the stage of taking care of minor things and looking at the behavioral changes, but now comes the time where you have to focus on your kid’s growth and development. You have to give proper diet, look at his friend’s company, help him in studying etc. You should check for the following things carefully.

Weight and height 
Proper weight and height of your kid are very important for the ideal growth and development of brain and body. The weight and height vary among girls and boys.
If your toddler is female:
• Weight: 36.0 lbs (15 kgs) approximately
• Height: 40” (101 cm) approximately

If your toddler is male:
• Weight: 38.0 lbs (17 kgs) approximately
• Height: 41.3” (103.1 cm) approximately

Toddler’s milestones
At this stage of life, you should check the following milestones:
• Language milestones
Your toddler will begin to speak complex sentences. The vocabulary of your kid will be growing at a fast rate. Similarly, your child will begin to speak frequently with appropriate sentences. Moreover, he/she will be able to count objects and name them as well.
• Cognitive milestones
The mental growth of your kid is flourishing at this age. Your kid will be able to memorize whatever he/she will be taught. He/she will be able to follow commands like “Wash your plates”, “Brush your teeth”, “Walk carefully” etc. Moreover, the toddler will be able to recognize familiar words like “Watch out!” and “STOP” etc.
• Hand and finger skills
Toddler will start writing, drawing circles, filling colors, and using pencils etc. He/she will be able to draw different plants and animals.

Health and nutrition
Proper dietary intake is very important for the functioning of the body. Lack of nutrition may result in anemia and other underlying systemic diseases which can make your kid dull and down. Loss of interest in activities is the main sign of nutritional deficit. The following diet should be followed:
• Calorie count should be 1200-1800 depending on the demands of your baby’s body
• Proteins like meat and fish should be 3-5 ounces
• Fruits like apple, mango, and bananas should be 1.5-2 cups on a daily basis
• Vegetables especially green leafy vegetables should be 2 to 3 cups
• Dairy products like milk and cheese should be 3 cups compulsory
• Avoid fizzy drinks and junk foods

• Do not impose your decisions to your toddler
• Give your kid some independence to be responsible and face the minor problems
• Help him grow
• Always motivate your kid

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