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Growth (3-6 yr)


Your Child At 4 Years

As your child passes through the first three years of life, the basic mental and physical development has started. Everything that happens at this stage leaves a permanent impression on the body and behaviour of your child. At 4, you should be really concerned about the weight, height, food intake and basic habits of your children. This is because all of these things play a very important role in the personality development of your kid. The following points should be considered:

Weight and height
It is very important for the development and activeness of your kid. The weight and height at this age vary among your male and female kid. If your toddler is female:
• Weight: 34.0 lb (15.4 kg)
• Height: 39.5” (100.3 cm)

If your kid is male, then:
• Weight: 36.0 lb (16.3 kg)
• Height: 40.3” (102.3 cm)

Child’s milestone
Child’s milestone involves basic skills and activities of your baby. Kids usually learn by playing and performing different acts. It helps in proper growth and development. You should check for following milestones:

• Language and cognitive development
At this stage, children are usually very curious and enthusiastic to speak. You should talk to your kid as much as you can so he/she can becomes fluent in speaking. Moreover, it is a perfect stage to increase the vocabulary of your kid. Help your kid in singing rhyming words, poems and songs. Secondly, make sure that your kid now memorizes and starts learning words and complex sentences. Feed in his mind the basic names of colors, shapes, sizes, counting etc.

• Hand and feet milestones and skills
The continuous movement of your kid like in playing, running and walking can help him in being active and confident. You can help your kid in performing different exercises like standing on a single foot, drawing different creatures and animals, eating habits like using forks and knives, dressing up, brushing teeth properly etc.

Baby’s health and nutrition
Proper diet and health of your kid are very important for proper growth and body development. Junk food and fizzy drinks should be avoided from the earliest ages as their regular intake can result in obesity and hormonal disturbances at a later life.
• Increased intake of milk, cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products
• Fresh juices, fruits, pulses and vegetables should be given
• Whole grain cereals and bread
• Fish and white meat

Do’s and Don’ts for your 4-year-old kid
• Always keep your kid hydrated with water, fresh juices and milkshakes
• Never under dress or overdress your kid; it can lead to the decreased resistance of child’s body to bear extremes of temperature
• Always motivate your kid to work and play; it will help in the development of self-confidence and activeness
• Do not scold your kid on little things; let him learn by doing mistakes
• Be a friend to your kid

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