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Your Child At 5 Years 11 Months

A kid at 5 years and 11 months old has entered into an age where he shows a wide range of physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development. Parents must identify these milestones so that they can monitor their toddler’s growth and development. Let us share these milestones with you.

Height and weight
Here it must be kept in mind that boys grow faster as compared to girls. A boy at the age of 5 years, 11 months old has a height of 45.5 inches and weight of 45.5lb. Whereas a girl of the same age has a height of 45.4 inches and weight of 44lb. If you observe a big difference in the height and weight of your kid, then do consult a doctor.

Your child at this age will show various new physical skills. He will be catching or throwing a ball, playing outdoor games with friends, drawing pictures, and writing letters. Your kid will be able to use tools like toothbrush, hairbrush, and scissors. He can tie shoelaces with more accuracy and less clumsiness. You will observe stronger hand-eye coordination when your child kicks or throws a ball.

Your child will become aware of his own and others emotions. They will be able to understand complex concepts, like saying something bad to others or hurting them. They will express their wish to select their own shoes and clothes. Parents will see more independent behavior in their kid’s activities. They will love showing their talents and maintain good relation with kids of the same age.

Children at this age will have a better awareness of what is wrong and right. They will easily handle more complex tasks and projects at home and at school. Many 5 years and 11 months old kids will begin to independently reading and writing stories. Their vocabulary will increase and they can spell more words.

Health and nutrition
5 years, 11 months old kids are in a continuous state of development and growth. It is essential to provide them with proper nutrition to fuel their body, bones, muscles, immune system, and organs. Promote healthy eating habits to ensure the good health of your toddler. Kids at this stage require healthy food including dairy/milk, protein/meat, fruits, grains, and vegetables. Dairy not just provide calcium but also protein and riboflavin. Grains supply iron, protein, and niacin. Vegetables and fruits provide Vitamin C and A. Meat is enriched with protein, thiamin, iron, and niacin. As per the dietary guidelines, your kid must consume 1200 calories each day.

Parenting tips
• Enjoy playing physical games with kids such as rope jumping, climbing over obstacles, or throwing balls. These physical games can improve their coordination skills.
• Read stories with your kid, even if he can read by himself. Listening to your story can expand his vocabulary.

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