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Growth (3-6 yr)


Your Child At 5 Years 2 Months

At this age, you will notice some emotional development in your little one. This is the phase of being a “big kid” type of development. At this point, your child wants to take control over the things along with developing manners and self-control. Some of the manners that should be exhibited at this age include classroom manners, table manners, and the ability to interact with his/her friends.

Weight and height
At the age of 5 years and 2 months, the weight and height indicate the health and growth of your little one. The improper weight and height indicate health issues such as gigantism.
• The average weight and height for a girl is 39.5 lb (17.9 kg) and 42.5″ (107.9 cm) respectively.
• The average weight and height for a boy is 40.5 lb (18.4 kg) and 43.0″ (109.2 cm) respectively.

Child’s milestone
As the teetering years are left behind, your little one is becoming precise in his movements as they are entering the school-age years.
• Physical milestone
Physically, your child will be able to have better coordination and good balance. The physical set of activities at this age includes running, jumping, hopping, and skipping. Your child will be able to dress themselves as well.

• Emotional milestone
At this stage, your child will try to actively make new friends and please the adults. Your child is entering the stage of emotional and regulatory control. You might have to deal with certain tantrums and contradictions as well.

• Language milestone
The language milestone includes clear speech. Your child should be able to count objects, name colors, and recognize shapes. Your child should be able to follow commands such as sit, stand, and stop.

• Cognitive milestone
The cognitive milestone at this age includes understanding the concept of time. Understand commands and tasks like brushing the teeth, reading the book, and getting into bed.

Health and nutrition
The maintenance of diet is extremely important for proper health. Malnutrition can lead to several health issues.
• The calories should be maintained between 1200-1800 kcal, considering the need of the body.
• Fruits and vegetables should be added in the diet for daily consumption.
• Avoid processed food and sugary drinks in order to maintain a healthy body.
• Don’t expect your child to clean the plate.
• Consider the best drinks which are water and milk.
• Use a small portion and make sure that the diet has a variety of food.

• Always motivate your child and try to enhance his confidence.
• Don’t impose your decision.
• Make sure you are helping him in understanding the basic manners and etiquette.
• Make sure you help him in understanding the socially appropriate behavior.

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