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Growth (3-6 yr)


Your Child At 5 Years 3 Months

After reaching at the age of 5 years, your child will be old enough to talk, walk, and learn so many things. The way he or she acts, speaks and move, tells us a lot about the developmental milestones they have achieved but what are these milestones? Let’s have a look at what the children do at this age.

Weight and height
The weight and height are some of the very first things that come into mind when you think of physical developmental milestones. It specifically tells us about the baby’s physical health. The boy of 5 years and 3 months old would weigh around 37.5 to 45.0 pounds and the girl would weigh around 37.8 to 45.7 pounds, while in terms of height the boy would be tall around 41.7 to 44.9 inches and the girl would be 41.8 to 44.0 inches tall.

About your child’s milestone
The children of 5 years and 3 months old would be independent and would want to have fun all the time. They take special interest in activities that keep them busy. Due to their emotional connections with other children, they tend to play with their friends. They want to become like them. It pleases them to sing, dance and act just like they see in cartoons and other TV shows. They become aware of their gender, parents, teachers, sibling and can tell the difference who is stranger and who is not. They can speak very well and tell a story with short sentences. They know numbers, alphabets, names of body parts, and identify some pictures. They know food, money, toys, clothes and some other basic things.

About your baby’s health & nutrition
By now your baby will be able to eat everything using spoon, fork, plate and glass. Sometimes, they require some supervision but mostly they can eat on their own.

Advice on the activities
• Your kid might seem to be independent enough to handle all his or her things but still, need the supervision of parents especially for homework.
• If he or she is not doing any of the above-mentioned activities and seems lethargic, then see a doctor and pay special attention to your child.
• Give your children the opportunity to explore the things they like and let them do whatever they want because it is very important for their mental and physical development.
• Encourage them in doing something good but also let them know if they did something wrong.

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