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Growth (3-6 yr)


Your Child At 5 Years 7 Months

At this phase of development, your child is evolving in terms of his physical and emotional capabilities. Your little one is becoming more independent in terms of making a decision, creating a social circle, and deciding what to eat or wear. He is learning a whole set of rules, behaviors, and daily routine activities. Your child is learning to get out of home-comfort and is now eager for school and finish certain tasks.

Weight and height
At this age, weight and height should be consistently checked to ensure healthy growth. You can even refer to the child growth charts provided by an expert pediatrician.
• If your child is a girl, then the average weight and height should be 15.4 kg and 36 inches respectively.
• If your child is a boy, then the average weight and height should be 15.7 kg and 38 inches respectively.

Development milestones
At this age, some of the development milestones that show the progress in your child’s growth include:
• Social and emotional milestones
At this age, the social and emotional milestones for your child include the need to overcome peer pressure. Your child wants to make new friends and please them. He is aware of the gender difference. Your kid will also show more independence along with understanding rules.

• Language and cognitive milestones
At this age, your child should be able to speak clear sentences. He should tell simple stories using full sentences. Plus, he should be able to use proper grammar and tenses. The cognitive milestones for this age include counting and reading numbers and letters. Your child should know about things used on a daily basis like food, money, and clothes.

• Movement and physical milestones
At this age, the physical and movement milestones include standing on one foot for a longer period of time. Your child should be able to jump, play hops, climb, and should play sports that help in interacting with friends. He should be able to use fork and spoon while eating food. Lastly, your child should use the toilet on his own by this age.

Nutrition and health
• Make sure the diet of your child has the right amount of all the nutrients such as protein and carbohydrate.
• There should be fruits, vegetables, whole grain, juices, and wheat in the diet.
• Serve your child in portion to make the meal time interesting.
• Reduce the provision of fats, processed food, and fizzy drinks.

Parental tips
• Build your child’s confidence and self-esteem by recognizing his interest and strengths.
• It is okay to make mistakes and learn from them.
• Give your child the chance to explore, learn, and understand new concepts.
• Set aside some free time to play with your child.

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