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Growth (3-6 yr)


Your Child At 5 Years 9 Months

Your toddler is almost 6 years old and he might be showing his personality. Plus, he will definitely be learning new things and skills. He will also be making new friends and enjoy playing with them. You will notice him having little secrets and a strong friendship bond. These are the little things which you notice in a pre-schooler of this age. You will see him have a fashion sense in which he will tell you what he wants to wear.

Weight and height
This is the age of growth for your toddler. He will not have the same height and weight. He will get taller and put on weight with time. There are no concrete numbers that can define the proper weight and height. But still, we have an outline. The weight of the toddler at 5 years and 9 months will be 44.0 lb (19.9 kg), whereas the height will be 45.5″ (115.5 cm).


• With time passing, you will see him getting better with his academics. He will learn things much faster. You will see his coloring skills are getting better. He might do his homework himself, and see him solve some difficult math problems.
• He will get ready in the morning for school and choose his clothes himself.
• You will notice him throwing tantrum at times to get stuff done.
• He will also learn to speak better with improved vocabulary.
• His physical activity will increase and he loves playing sports with his mates.
• There are multiple other milestones, but you will need to teach him gratitude, empathy, love, and care through your actions.

Food and nutrients
Make sure you pack him homemade lunch every day for school. At times you can allow him to buy something from the school canteen, but don’t make it a habit.
Add some fruits and vegetables to his diet. Make him eat healthy food so that he will be healthy. Add a portion of protein in his diet. Add calcium with the dairy products. Also, add iron and vitamins with the fruits and veggies. Make sure you don’t give him a lot of sodium. Keep him away from junk food.

Parental tips
• Make sure that your kids don’t adopt bad habits. If they do, let them know what is good and what is not.
• Do not scold them.
• Be happy when they achieve something. And if for some reason they do not perform well, give them the confidence to try again.
• Teach them empathy and love.

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