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Your Child At 5 Years

At the age of 5, your child will be more independent and self-confident. He tends to become more and more creative with his toys. The child tries to find new and other games to learn and play for longer periods and he shows his emotional state through many activities. Usually, there are some milestones that every child must achieve around this of age 5. Here are some of the important milestones, have a look:

Weight and height
The weight and height are some of the very important things that tell us about the child’s physical health. Usually, a 5 year-old boy would weigh around 37.5 to 44.7 pounds and girls would weigh around 36.3 to 44.0 pounds. The same way, the boy would be tall around 41.7 to 44.2 inches and the girl would be 41.3 to 43.8 inches tall. Some kids can grow at a different rate but it is usually around these parameters.

About your baby’s milestone
• Language
Your 5 year-old child will become a lot better in speaking and able to make an understandable conversation with elders. He will have a wider vocabulary. Most children start singing and rhyming things.
• Cognitive development
Your 5 year-old kid is not only going to speak the words but he also understands simple logical questions. He would understand the things in his books. He can count, recognize words, alphabets, and shapes of things. Eventually, he gets to write his name on a notebook through trial and error. He understands the concept of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The thing is that he develops better attention span that helps him to focus on everything in a better way.
• Physical development
Children of age 5 are going to be super active and physical, so get ready to see your baby walking, jumping, and climbing the stairs without fear. He can walk forward and backward, hold on one foot for at least 30 seconds, and even ride a tricycle. He can brush his teeth, use the bathroom, and eat by himself.

About your child’s health & nutrition
Your child can eat anything at this age. Just make sure that you give him the proper nutrition.

Advice on the activities
• Your child can be expressive in this age to show his emotions. Teach him on how to cope with the emotional responses.
• Let him be independent by letting him do his own tasks like homework.
• Give him the opportunity to explore his interests as it could lead to a healthy upbringing.

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