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Your Toddler At 19 Months

Your toddler is getting closer to 24 months with great milestones, goofy energy, and new words.
You’re probably astonished at how fast your toddler is learning new things. In this guide, you’ll find out what developmental milestones your baby should achieve at 19 months old.

Weight and height
Average 19-month-old baby weight is 23.9 pounds for a girl and 24.6 pounds for a boy, according to the World Health Organization. How tall should a 19-month-old be? Average height is 32.2 inches for a girl and 32.8 inches for a boy.

Physical development
The key development at this age is his running ability. Your child should run unaided and may walk sideways, backward, and climb steps by himself.
While he can run, he doesn’t have total control over his steps. He may not gauge his distances correctly so he may not apply the brakes to prevent collisions.

Social and emotional development
Your baby may insist on helping you wash the car, and so on. His urge to assist outweighs his strength. But the more you tell him that you don’t need help, the more he’ll want to. So the challenge is to look for ways to let him help you.

Cognitive and language
Your toddler can now say anywhere between 10 and 50 words. He can construct easy phrases to pass across his message.
To help him develop, point out different pictures on his books and explain them to your little one using simple words and phrases. You can also try to make him say the color and shape.


Your 19 months old should be eating as much as you do. That means three meals daily, including 2 snacks.
Also, give him about three eight-ounce cups of whole milk per if he’s not getting the right amount of calcium.

At 19 months, your toddler will become more self-sufficient and independent. So, he may not respond well to some commands that you make. But you can settle for a more friendly response. Tell him what you want, and make him realize that he needs to act appropriately.

Make sure your child sleeps for about 12 to 14 hours of daily since most of the growth happens when he sleeps. His sleep routine shouldn’t be erratic and must be consistent for best results.
Make sure his sleeping space is secure, and visit your doctor if there are any continuous disruptions in his sleep routine.

Potty Training
At this age, your baby will start signaling to you about dirty diapers. What this means is he is getting uncomfortable with wearing a diaper. So introduce potty training at this age. Make sure you handle this process with support and care, though.

At 19 months old, your baby should receive the following immunizations:
Annual vaccination 1 or 2 doses – Influenza (IIV)

Tips for Parents
• Provide a lot of fiber and fluids in his diet.
• Give your 19 months old age-appropriate toys since he might still bite or chew.

This age is defined by the outbursts and tantrums, as your baby will want to be more independent even though he needs your attention often. Don’t leave him unattended since you may not know what he’s up to. Your baby may form his first memories at this age. So try to indulge in fun activities frequently.

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