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Your Toddler At 20 Months

At this age, your child may resist changing, feeding, washing hands, bathing…and other things you want him to do. He’ll feel like he’s in control, so give him the opportunity to or make choices. Allow him to feed himself and let him feel as though he’s making his own decisions. Also, your 20-month-old may have two sides to their characters: the energetic, fun-loving side and the challenging side.

In this guide, you’ll find out what developmental milestones your baby should achieve at 20 months old.

Weight and height
The average weight of a 20-month-old boy is 25.0 pounds and 24.4 pounds for a girl. Also, the average height of an 18-month-old boy is 33.1 inches and 32.6 inches for a girl.
At 20-month-old, expect your toddler to do the following:

Your child is possibly learning to walk up steps. Some toddlers can stand on one foot as they hold on to a chair or wall.

Your little one can now say up to 50 words. Don’t be surprised if he starts asking about everything.

At 20 months, your child’s lower second molars will start to erupt. So expect some nights with interrupted sleep.

Potty training
Some toddlers show signs that they’re ready for potty training. So get a training potty seat and begin to read potty training books. Don’t pressure on your child to potty train. Most toddlers don’t get ready until about 27 to 32 months.

Emotional and social development
The emotional and social milestones found in 20 months old tots include:
• Pushing and biting others
• Saying ‘no’ to you constantly
• Enjoying symbolic play activities like bathing his doll and copying others
• Playing with others and exhibiting signs of interacting and sharing things with others

Language and cognitive development
Your baby will start showing signs of linguistic and intellectual development. Your baby will stop rambling and start talking. So start teaching him how to pronounce some hard word. Also, so point at different objects and have him pronounce the words.

Your 20-month olds need about 11 to 12 hours of sleep at night, including a1 to 3 hours nap. This brings it to a total of 13 to 14 hours of sleep daily.

Your twenty month old should be eating like you do: Three meals per day, plus two snacks. This includes fruits, vegetable grains, dairy, and protein.

At 20 months old, your baby should receive the following immunizations:
• Annual vaccination 1 or 2 doses – Influenza (IIV)

Checklist and tips
Practice good hygiene early. Teach him to wash and dry his hands. As recommended by a dentist, use a little dab of toothpaste (with fluoride) to clean his teeth. Depending on your toddler’s skin type and hair, wash his hair once a week.

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