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Growth (13-36 mo)


Your Toddler At 23 Months

At this age, toddlers are resistant to change. If he can’t adapt to changes, maintain stability in other areas, and support him always.
Also, toddlers at 23 months love repetition, so welcome this period as they understand process new and ideas.

• Weight and height
Your 23-month-old daughter should weigh 25.9 pounds, and your son should weigh 26.3 pounds. Also, the average height of your 23-month-old son should be 34.2 inches and 33.5 inches for girls.

• Milestones
You 23-month-old tot should have hit the following milestone

• Motor skills
Your toddler should start walking backward and kicking a ball. Don’t be surprised if he starts pedaling a tricycle soon.

• Speech
He’s likely saying 50 to 100 words at this age. Also, he may start saying sentences with 2 to 4 words.

• Teething
At 23 months old, his upper second molars or lower second molars may begin to erupt. Expect discomfort and crying during bedtime

• Potty training
At this age, he may show signs that he’s ready for potty training.
You can begin if you feel he’s ready. But don’t pressure him to potty train is he isn’t prepared. Most toddlers may begin at 27 to 32 months.

• Behavior
As your little one gets older, follow these tips to manage his new behaviors:

• Tantrums
Prepare for very defiant or unruly behavior. He’s going to lose control completely—especially when he’s hungry, sleepy or tired. So keep him well-fed and well-rested. Stay calm and distract him when a tantrum starts.

• Separation anxiety
He may begin to know that if he cries, you might stay with him. While this is difficult, show him that crying won’t change the routine. Make sure you do this calmly. Keep bye byes sweet and short, and let him know that you’ll be back shortly. Also, be specific with the details. For instance, “I’ll see you after your nap.”

• Sleep
Most toddlers at this age need about 11 to 12 hours of night time sleep, including a nap of about one to three hours daily.

• Food
Your 23 months old should be eating 3 meals daily, with two snacks. Keep on giving him different types of foods at every meal and snack.
Most 23 months olds eat about one cup of veggies and fruits and 3 tablespoons of protein and half cup grains daily.

• Immunizations
At 23 months old, your baby should receive the following immunizations:
Annual vaccination 1 or 2 doses – Influenza (IIV)

• Fun games
Since your child is stable on his feet, you stay active together by playing games and pedaling a bicycle or bike.

It’s time for the third round of childproofing since he’s now an experienced climber. Your tot can now say a few sentences; so write down the smartest and funniest lines as a pleasant memento of your child’s years. Further, plan his second birthday party and dispatch invitations on time.

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