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Your Toddler At 24 Months

Your baby is already 2! Can you believe that? It’s quite amazing how time flies. By the 24th month, your baby is now able to do a lot by himself. He can feed himself, pull off his socks, speak more clearly, and is capable of being more expressive with his emotions. To be succinct, at this stage, your baby is no longer much of a baby anymore. In this brief article, you will find out developmental milestones to keep an eye out for when your baby is 24 months old.

Before you go through it, please note that not all babies hit milestones at the given time. While some are quick to reach a developmental milestone, some might delay a bit. It differs from child to child. If you have any concerns about this, then keep close contact with your Doctor. With that out of the way, here are some things to expect from a 24-month-old baby.

• Weight and height
Average 24-month-old baby weight is 26.5 pounds for a girl and 27.5 pounds for a boy, according to the World Health Organization. How tall should a 24-month-old be? Average height is 33.7 inches for a girl and 34.2 inches for a boy.

• Language and communication skills
At this age, babies will begin to pick on more words. They’d have the ability to use above 50 words in their communication. They will become a tad clearer when communicating. A stranger will be able to understand just about half of what the baby says when he speaks. When prompted, they will be able to switch baby words for their exact equivalent.

• Social and emotional skills
They will begin to mix and play with other kids. They will become more expressive with their emotions and display fear, joy, or sadness. They become a bit more conscious of their surroundings and will start responding to things like certain animals and sharp sounds. They’d also be able to tell you when they need a diaper change, or when they want to use the loo.

• Cognitive skills
At this stage, the baby will be able to listen to and act on simple 2-step command. These are commands like “stop playing around. Sit down”. Babies, this age will also be capable of higher cognitive skills such as playing pretend play, naming body parts, and picking out images in a book.

• Motor skills and physical development
24-month-old babies will be able to run, walk downstairs, kick a ball, and feed himself. He will also be able to carry out physical activities as stacking blocks and scribble circles and lines.

Though it is true that babies develop at different rates, there’s a time to consider talking to your Doctor, especially if he isn’t walking or running. You should also pay close attention if the baby is not speaking well (making vowels but not consonant sounds) and not capable of expressing simple emotions like happiness, sadness, or frustration.

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