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Growth (13-36 mo)


Your Toddler At 2 Years 1 Month

At 2 years 1-month-old, your baby can now speak some words, ride a trike and even get dressed. Analyzing the boundaries created by your rules and your baby’s developmental limits will engage your child over the next few years. Below are some milestones to watch out for:

You’ll see that your baby has stopped wobbling when he or she walks. Also, he or she has moved to a heel-to-toe movement of a grown person.

Key milestone
• Walks without assistance
• Holds many toys while walking
• Pulls dolls while walking
• Begins to run
• Kicks a ball
• Stands on tiptoe
• Walks on the stairs by holding on to something

Hand and finger skills
At this age, your baby can move his or her wrist, palm, and fingers to unscrew a jar lid or turn on a doorknob. Also, he or she can hold a pencil, but the grip might look awkward. Further, your baby may display a preference for the right or left hand at this age. But don’t pressure your baby to choose the left or the right.

Key milestone
• Turns over a jar to pour the contents
• Scrawls spontaneously
• Creates a tower of five blocks or more
• May use one hand more often than the other

By now, your baby will start putting sentences together. Also, he’ll start using pronouns like “me” and “I.” Babies don’t speak at the same rate so don’t be anxious if another baby talks more than yours.

Key milestone
• Points to pictures when you name them
• Calls out body parts and names of familiar people
• Follows easy instructions
• Repeats words during conversation
• Points to an image in a book

At age 2 years 1 month old, your child will start solving problems in his or her head. Also, he’ll begin to know time concepts like, “I’ll give you a cookie when daddy comes home.” Babies at this age will begin to understand numbers.

Key milestone
• Finds hidden toys
• Starts make-believe play
• Starts sorting by colors and shapes

At this stage, kids think the world is all about them. Concepts like sharing don’t make a lot of sense. At the same time, kids love to imitate others and may speak to their doll the same way their parents talk to them. That’s why you need to be a good role model.

Key millstone
• Copies other kids and adults too
• Feels happy when with other children
• Shows rebellious behavior
• Displays more independence

Every child grows at his or her own pace. Don’t be anxious if your child takes a different course. Consult your doctor if your baby shows any signs of possible growth delay at this age.

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