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Your Toddler At 2 Years 2 Months

Once your child reaches the age of 2 years, he is officially a toddler. He is learning new physical skills, engaging in games, and speaks new words at about the age of 2 years 2 month. So, you are obviously going to compare your child with other toddling tots. You will see your little one indulging in various activities along with exploring his surroundings. You want to create certain boundaries, however, you also need to ensure that he is making progress in developing physically and mentally. In case of any development delay, you need to discuss with the pediatrician. Here are some of the factors and skills that help you in analyzing the development of your 2 years 2 months old child.

Weight and height
At this age, it is extremely important to check the weight/height progress of your child to ensure healthy development. If your toddler is a baby girl, then the average weight at the age of 24 months is 26.5 pounds. In case your toddler is a baby boy, then the average weight according to the World Health Organization is 27.5 pounds. Considering the progress in height, the ideal height for a girl at the age of 2 years 2 month is 33.5 inch whereas, the ideal height for a boy is 34.2 inch at this age.

Physical milestones
You will see drastic changes in the big muscles which are the gross motor skills along with development in small muscles. By the end of three years, here are some of the skills that should be seen in your toddler:
• Walk, run and start jumping
• Learning to balance to one foot or standing on the tiptoes
• Walking up on stairs through holding the railing
• Learn some fun ways to help your child build gross motor skills.
• The development in the fine motor skills (small muscles) include starting brushing the teeth and hair, may pull pants up and down, hold utensils with fingers, and build block towers.

Cognitive milestone
Your toddler will start thinking in a new way, learning new techniques, and enjoying more complicated games. You might see him in indulging with puzzles, blocks, group toys, and reciting poems, rhymes, and books.

Language milestones
At the age of 2 years and 2 months, your child will understand the words for familiar people, everyday objects and parts. You will see him repeating words along with questions like “what is that” and “why”.

Health and nutrition
At this age, your child should consume three healthy meals in a day along with one or two snacks. Do not fix any amount or make the mealtime difficult. Make sure, your child tries finger food instead of soft food.

Tips and suggestion
• Consult the doctor if you are concerned about the development of your child.
• Frustration and tantrums are common at this age so let your kid be expressive.
• Never impose or force your child to do something at this age.

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