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Your Toddler At 2 Years 5 Months

The progressive age of your toddler starts after 2 years. This is the time when he starts learning new things and experiencing a lot. This is the time when you need to give him some extra attention. Your kid is now learning new stuff and you need to be sure that what he has been seeing and learning is appropriate for him. This is the developing age in which his vocabulary skills are increasing and he is learning new things.

Weight and height
The average weight of your 29-month-old has to be around 28.4 pounds for girls and the boys should have the weight around 29.6 pounds. This is not a concrete weight. It might be around this weight. But if it is a little too much or very less than the standard weight, then you should consult a doctor and make sure there is nothing wrong with your kid. The height of your toddler must be around 35.3 inches for a girl and 37.5 inches for a boy. This is also a tentative and an average height and if you notice some major difference, you should consult a doctor.

Baby’s milestones
At this age, there are many milestones that your kid might have covered. Let’s list them down.
• Speech
This is the time when he must be increasing the vocabulary and learning new words every day. Your toddler might get to know something new every day and might distinguish between different words and pronouns.
• Potty training
Your kid might also be acquiring new habits and it is easier for you to make him learn the attitudes he should adopt and the new etiquettes you want him to adopt.
• Dressing
Your toddler can now have knowledge about dressing. He would tell you what he wants to wear and might also try to do it himself.

This is an integral phase of your child. This phase might be a phase of discomfort for your kid and he might be cranky this time. You need to give him some extra care at this time.

We know how concerned you are about the health and nutrition of your kid. Now your kid is able to have some solid food. Add more nutrition in his diet. Try to add vegetables and fruits to increase nutrition. One thing you should also take care of is to add calcium and iron in your kid’s diet. Try to give him healthy food and avoid junk.

• Start searching for a preschool for him
• Try to teach him basic etiquette
• Tell him how to behave
• Build a feeling of sharing him
• Potty train him

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