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Your Toddler At 2 Years 9 Months

Your toddler is 2 years and 9 months now. He might have a full set of teeth and developing vocabulary. You will notice him doing things on his own and has a sense of incentive. You can offer him something he loves in return for something you want. But this will not go well every time. You need to make it occasional so that he understands that everything does not have an incentive.

Weight and height
The weight of the toddler will be 29.7 pounds for the girls and 30.8 for the boys. This is the standard weight. You toddler can weigh a little less or more but if the difference is bigger you should consult a physician. The height of your toddler can be 36.4 inches for the girls and 36.8 for the boys. If the variation is larger from the standard, you need to take care of the diet and visit a doctor.

The toddler is not getting bigger, but the main milestones at this age are listed below:
• Teething
He will have a set of teeth which he will want to brush. You need to build a routine of brushing twice a day and try to do it yourself once your kid is done. This will make him learn how to brush the teeth and a sense of responsibility and consistency.

• Vocabulary
He might be talking and speaking full sentences but the vocabulary range of your kid will not be wide. Normally kids know about 450 words and remember. To increase their vocabulary, read him bedtime stories and give him books with rhyming words and engaging images.

• Dressing
He will also develop a sense of dressing and picking clothes. He might not be able to wear them properly so you must help him.

Food and nutrition
Now that your kid has a full set of teeth, he can be on a complete solid diet. But what you need to avoid is junk food. It has a lot of sodium which is not good for the baby. Add nutritious food that has proteins, vitamins, calcium, and iron. Try to avoid excess carbohydrates.
In case your kid has diarrhea or the feeling of throwing up, consult a doctor.

Tips for the parents
• Try to make a schedule that your kid get almost 13.5 hours of sleep. That includes 2 hours in the day.
• Play games that can help him recognize shapes, colors and which can also make him remember counting.
• If you dress him up, convince him to keep wearing it all.
• Play board games with him.
• Read him bedtime stories.

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