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Growth (13-36 mo)


Your Toddler At 2 Years 11 Months

You see your kid growing and notice him lying will actually make you feel bad. But actually, it is a great milestone that your kid has achieved. He is now able to have an imagination and think of a reality other than what he sees. You will see him running all around the house and being the laughter therapy for everyone. But there are some things you need to take control of. Like if you see him lying then tell him it is not a good thing. Make a routine so that he does not have some bizarre sleeping schedule.
Here are some other integrals that you need to take care of in your little one.

Weight and height
The weight of your baby girl should be around 30.4 pounds and for the boys, it has to be around 31.4 pounds.
The height may also vary from 36.9 inches for the girls and 37.3 for the boys at this age.

Now that your toddler is turning into a big kid, he must be learning new things every day. What you need to do is to keep the learning process simple and pressure-free. This will help him to learn faster.
• Speech
You will notice him speaking in full sentences. He might start to learn many new words everyday.
• Habits
He will start to develop some habits, both good and bad. This is the time you tell him what is good and what is not. Keep it light and simple.
• Motor skills
He will start learning how to dress. He might not be able to button himself or tie the shoelaces but he can tell you what outfit he wants to wear and what not. You will also witness him climbing up the stairs with alternating feet.
• Potty training
He is now big enough to be potty trained. This is the time when some kids might be reluctant in potty training. It is okay, you can wait a few more weeks before training him again and ditching the diapers.

Your kid is on solid diet now. He likes eating cookies and junk, but you need to be mindful not to add a lot of junk in the toddler’s diet. Avoid sodium and focus on proteins, calcium, and iron-rich foods. You can give him fruits and veggies while a cookie occasionally.

Advice on the activities
Your kid will love to play and stay involved in the activities. He will love to cycle. Get him a tricycle that is great for his growth. He might also love to play hide and seek and play pretend stories. Just keep on encouraging them.

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