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Growth (13-36 mo)


Your Toddler At 3 Years

This is the age where your toddler will begin to learn the basic skills of personality development. Along with that, this age is the right time to train your kid on how to use the toilet. Toilet training, performing basic home tasks and school works, playing different games and listening to orders are the basic targets that should be achieved. Moreover, this is the age to develop “interactive learning” and “communication skills” of your kid.

As your toddler falls in the age group of 3, you should start looking at the following things:

Weight and height
Checking for appropriate weight and height at a respective age is very important to look for ideal growth and development of the body. Any negligence in the weight and height of your kid can result in medical problems like dwarfism or gigantism etc.
If your toddler is a girl, then:
• Weight: 29.4 pounds approximately
• Height: 36.1 inches approximately

If your toddler is a boy, then:
• Weight: 30.5 pounds for boys approximately
• Height: 36.5 inches for boys approximately

Baby’s milestone
In this age, your baby will start behaving differently. There will be various noticeable changes in his motor activities, speech, and behavior, etc. The milestones will involve:
1. Verbal Phrases
By 36 months, your kid will start talking frequently. He/she will be using perfect pronouns and adjectives. Moreover, interactive sessions can help your kid to speak interrogative phrases. The child usually learns how to follow directions at this stage.

2. Motor Response
At the 3rd year, the motor response of your kid is very good and fast. Your child will learn to walk, run, move upstairs and downstairs, walk in different puzzle tracks, and do tricycling.

3. Dentition
At this age, the primary definition of your kid begins to evolve. The eruption of molars (1st and 2nd) is the main characteristic of this age. You can also teach your kid how to do brushing using a brush of soft bristles.

4. Behavioral manners
This is the ideal age to develop self-confidence in your child. Giving your child a chance to speak can be very useful in overcoming shyness and fears.

Health and nutrition
Proper nutrition and diet are very important for proper mental and physical development. Lack of nutrients can result in anemia and slow response of your kid. Following health tips will be essential:
• Meals of a toddler should be divided into small portions and should be given every two hours
• Grains and cereals should be added in 50% proportion
• Fresh juices and diet rich in fiber content should be given
• Regular intake of milk, cheese, and dairy products should be made available
• The toddler’s diet should be 1/4th of an adult

Tips and suggestions
• Always stay connected to your child. Help your kid in overcoming basic mistakes and do not be harsh to him/her
• Always motivate and guide your kid in making him learn better
• Make your child responsible
• Help your kid when he/she is struggling and making an effort to be strong
• Always help your kid in exploring little things

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